Greensburg City Council

Greensburg City Council met on Tuesday.

Cam Troxell with First Person presented the total compensation study. This was tabled.

Bryan Robbins with the Decatur County EDC presented the tax abatement reviews. They reviewed the CF1s for those who have tax abatement in the city. There are 2 abatements that need revoked- one for Tree City Villages who are choosing to bypass their last year and one for Jeff Whitaker for a hotel that they will be reapplying for later. This was approved. Those who have filled out all paperwork and submitted fees were approved. Those who have filled out all paperwork and not submitted fees were tabled.

Police Chief Mike McNealy came to the board to discuss active violence response. Last Tuesday and Wednesday the officers attended a 4 hour morning and 4 hour afternoon training for active violence response and task force training. This was made mandatory for all officers, deputies, and firemen under Police Chief McNealy, Sheriff Durant, and Fire Chief Stoermer. There was also EMS, marshals, and volunteer firemen from other departments present. The goal is to continue the growth of the training in order to make it more realistic for trainees.

Everyone is invited to the Community Cookout on June 16 from 6-8 pm on Franklin Street. There will be live entertainment and food cooked by the firemen.

Street Commissioner Mark Klosterkemper presented resolution 2022-03 for CCMG. This is a resolution to transfer funds that were awarded for CCMG 2021-2. This was approved.

Building Commissioner Sarah Hamer presented ordinance 2022-12. This is to rezone several properties from an I-1 to a B-3 zoning classification in order to cleanup incorrectly zoned areas in the city. This was approved.

Utilities Manager Donna Lecher presented ordinance 2022-15 for a reduction of water rates due to Indiana repealing the utility tax. This is a 1.55% reduction starting July 1. This was approved.

City Clerk Treasurer Amy Borns presented ordinance 2022-13 to amend the city employee salary ordinance and 2022-14 to amend utilities salary ordinance. This is for Mark Hellmich to be appropriately compensated for the extra time and work out into the job. This wage will be split between utilities and the city which is why there need to be 2 ordinances. Both ordinances were approved.

Morgan Schofield


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