Greensburg City Council

Greensburg City Council met on Monday.

Eric Ratts from DLZ gave a presentation of the bids for the City Hall renovation. There was a total of 8 bids received which DLZ reviewed. The recommendation from DLZ is to go with CPM and their base bid and 5 alternates. President of CPM Jake Williams was present to give a little bit of background about the company. It was started by his father who built it from the ground up. They have 50 workers and do a lot of not for profit work as well as public works. All references have been good. The board of works approved. Williams is very confident about his 175 day project timeline and believes that time is money. Kevin Fleetwood was concerned about the total scope of the project and its price. The council approved the final green light of the project 4-1.

Vice President of Dunn and Associates Greg Fox presented the plan overview and update. They started the overview in 2017 and the total cost was $1.7 million, in 2018 it was $1.6 million, and last year was $2.1 million. In 2020 there was a total of $1.1 million of plan expenses. The new ID cards have been issued and will need to be shown on January 1 for prescriptions. The new change is designed to be a a win win situation for everyone involved.

911 Director of Decatur County Communications Erika Free presented information on updating radios. This would qualify for CAREs Act money and would be upgrades to the current radio equipment. Motorola no longer supports the radios they currently have in dispatch and while the radios have no issues now, once they do they will be dead. The cost would be split 50/50 between City and county. City Communications Director Kristen Williams gave a presentation to the board on the new city website. The website was completed in October and has been very well thought out and set up.

Mayor Joshua Marsh presented his items to the council. Resolution 2020-34 for CARES Act public health and safety payroll reimbursement was approved. Resolution 2020-35 to adopt Indiana code section 5-25- development activity was approved. Resolution 2020-36 to accept appraisals and approving the sale of real property was approved. EMA Director Brad Speers Hazard Plan was approved. The 2021 City Public Meeting Schedule, 2021 City Holidays, and 2021 City Holiday Trash pick up all remain the same and were all approved. Dr Rodney King was appointed to be a Personnel Hearing Officer due to his experience. The is a one time situation.

Morgan Schofield
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