The Greensburg Board of Works

The Greensburg Board of Works met on Monday.

Eric Ratts from DLZ gave a presentation of the bids for the City Hall renovation. There was a total of 8 bids received which DLZ reviewed. The recommendation from DLZ is to go with CPM and their base bid and 5 alternates. The base bid for CPM is $3,037,000. The five alternates are: $86,000 for a fire sprinkler system, $23,000 for a roof warranty to be extended to 30 years, $10,000 for refinishing corridor doors, $5,000 for refinishing exterior, and unit ventilation (which is in base bid) to come with extras such as removing metal shelving units and patch painting for $1,200. President of CPM Jake Williams was present to give a little bit of background about the company. It was started by his father who built it from the ground up. They have 50 workers and do a lot of not for profit work as well as public works. All references have been good. The board approved $3,855,200 to renovate City Hall with CPM.

911 Director of Decatur County Communications Erika Free presented the City of Greensburg and Decatur County inter local
Agreement. This is the same agreement that has been in place since 2016 with only minor changes having been made. This is for the city and county to fund them 50/50. This was approved.

Street Commissioner Mark Klosterkemper requested to dispose of a 2008 Ford F-350 Flatbed. The flatbed has been run everyday for 13 years and while its not in awesome condition, they were informed they could get more money to sell it than to scrap it. They would like to open for bid and then sell it to the highest bidder. This was approved. Klosterkemper also requested to enter a GPS contract with Verizon. This would help track each truck as well as ping them. It would be for $379 a month which is a special governmental rate. This was approved. City Engineer Ron May presented change order 2 for the Pirate Park Grading Project. Last spring when the contractor was doing final seeding there was an issue with the fertilizer, which caused the city to go out and buy their own and put it out. The contract amount was reduced by $2,000 because of this. This was approved. The County Commissioners have said no to being a part of an Inter-local agreement for the Park Road Project. The application for INDOT is due by the end of the week and the city plans to proceed solo on the project.

Wastewater Plant Superintendent Jeff Smith requested change order 3 for wastewater treatment plant improvements. This doesnt change the price of the project but does give a time extension. This was approved. City Communications Director Kristin Williams presented the completed city website to the board. The website was completed in October and has been very well thought out and set up. Mayor Joshua Marsh presented the updated job descriptions. Dr Rodney King found the last 2 sentences in the responsibility paragraph to be unnecessary and requested to remove it from the submitted descriptions. The descriptions were approved striking the last two lines of the paragraph. The board approved the usage of PackRat for storage needs.

The claims were approved.

Morgan Schofield
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