Greensburg City Council

Greensburg City Council met on Monday.

Minde Meyers and Kristi Jarvis with animal control came to give an update on the animal shelter and staff. Meyers is the new director and has a whole new team to help her. They are striving for less euthanasia, more fundraising, and working more with rescues. They are much more concerned with where animals are going to make sure they have a Perfect fit for a family. They have been doing low cost spay and neutering for cats. Enforcing fines on people has been a major thing making sure people are responsible for their pets.

City Clerk Treasurer Brenda Dwenger presented ordinance 2021-2, for an additional appropriation, to the board. This is to distribute funds of $386,000. This was approved. Resolution 2021-2 to establish a fund for proceeds received from the sale of real estate was approved.

Mayor Joshua Marsh presented resolution 2021-1, for the Creation of a Youth Council, to the board. This is an expanded part of a program with Greensburg Community High School to help engage students. This would be open for 3-5 students from each grade. This was approved. The request for time reimbursement through March 31, 2021 was approved.

Morgan Schofield


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