Greensburg City Council

Greensburg City Council met on Monday.

Building Commissioner Sarah Hamer presented the second reading of Ordinance 2021-3 for hospital annexation. This was approved.

EDC Executive Director Bryan Robbins presented ordinance 2021-09 for broadband ready community. This was brought to the council in December of 2018 and was passed; however, the ordinance was never officially signed. They need an official ordinance to give to the state for records. This was approved on its 1st and 2nd reading. Robbins also presented the tax abatement guidelines update. This essentially outlines the tax abatement process and creates a guideline for any project coming. There was a motion of support that was approved.

District 1 City Councilor Kevin Fleetwood presented ordinance 2021-10 for regulations on golf cart usage on city streets. This allows properly equipped and insured golf carts to be allowed on city streets. They will go through the same process as UTVs. There were some safety concerns brought up. This was approved.

City Clerk Treasurer Brenda Dwenger presented ordinance 2021-06, for the ARP grant fund. This is a grant from the federal government. The state board of accounts said they need a fund number, which they chose to be 176. The 1st and 2nd reading were approved. Ordinance 2021-07 for additional appropriation was presented. This is for the fire department for their new radios purchased last year. This was approved. Ordinance 2021-08 for additional appropriation was presented. This is for the second round of Covid funding received last year. This was approved.

Fire Chief Nathan Stoermer discussed training and a guest speaker. They are currently in the planning stage of bringing a speaker who is a Fire Chief in Santa Clara, California. They would be here and hold programs over the course of 2 days to help put the passion back in the firefighters. This would be on June 3 and 4. They also intend to invite other fire departments in the county to participate. Stoermer then discussed his Greensburg Fire Department Strategic Plan. This is a 5 year roadmap for the department. There was an analysis done on what they believed were their strengths and weaknesses and 7 objectives were selected to focus on and achieve. This is to help improve the moral and working life within the fire department.

Street Commissioner Mark Klosterkemper gave an update on the Community Crossing Matching Grant projects. They have recently started the last of the 2020 CCMG projects. They ran into issues on Forsythe St and may be back for an additional in July. They received $75,373.15 for Round 1 Funding.

Mayor Joshua Marsh presented his items to the board. The discussion of an MOU with Bird Electric Scooters was tabled. Wilhelm Construction made a request to be compensated $13,000 for damages they claim were caused last year when Decatur county went into the red due to Covid. This was tabled for a contract review. Greensburg Schools made a request for funding. The request was for $30,00 for general operations and cleaning and $5,000 for athletics. This was approved.

Fire Chief Nathan Stoermer

There was a special recognition for Fire Chief Nathan Stoermer for Fire Academy Graduation. Stoermer completed the NFA Executive Officer program, becoming one of the few EFO’s in the state.

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