Greensburg Board of Works

The Greensburg Board of Works met on Monday.

Mark Carman with the Tree City Fall Festival came to the board to request street usage/closures. This would be the streets surrounding the courthouse as well as N Broadway on Saturday for the parade. They would be closed September 17-18 from 6am on Friday to midnight on Saturday. This was approved.

Fire Chief Nathan Stoermer came to the board to discuss several items. There are 3 members of the fire department who needed promoted from probationary firefighter to private. This was approved. They are currently in the planning stage of bringing a speaker for the professional development memorandum who is a Fire Chief in Santa Clara, California. They would be here and hold programs over the course of 2 days to help put the passion back in the firefighters. This would be on June 3 and 4 and is in the budget; however, they are applying for grants to help save money. They also intend to invite other fire departments in the county to participate. This was approved. Stoermer then discussed his Greensburg Fire Department Strategic Plan. When hired, he wanted a 5 year road map for the fire department. There was an analysis done on what they believed were their strengths and weaknesses, and from these there was a list developed of 17 objectives. To make the objectives more achievable, 7 of the 17 were kept to focus on. This is to help improve the moral and working life within the fire department.

Wastewater Superintendent Jeff Smith presented the pretreatment permit renewals. These are the applications with Delta, Decatur Deals, and Honda. Next month they will bring in the real renewals for approval.

Mayor Joshua Marsh presented his items. They received a furniture quote from Office 360, which is a state provided vendor. The furniture purchase was approved. Reedy Financial Group presented the municipal advisor engagement. This is just to review bonds and rates associated with the police department. They are looking to review to eventually put them into the public safety fund. This was tabled until further investigation. There was a discussion on signage for the front of the building and the interior ADA compliance signs. These would be purchased from Green Signs. This was approved.

The claims were approved.

Morgan Schofield


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