Greensburg City Council

Greensburg City Council met on Monday.

Police Chief Brendan Bridges presented ordinance 2020-26 for an additional appropriation for Lexipol database. This would be $15,000 from the public safety fund. This was approved. Resolution 2020-30 to transfer funds was approved. $20,000 from gasoline will go into overtime, as well as $5,000 being moved to other service and charges.

Fire Chief Nathan Stoermer requested to transfer $200 from the physical fund and $2,000 from breathing tests to overtime. This was approved.

Mayor Josh Marsh presented ordinance 2020-27 to replace ordinance 2006-32, city of Greensburg historical Preservation. This is to help facilitate business growth in downtown. Also establishes an appeals process. This was approved. Ordinance 2020-28 to amend 2002-4 Exhibit A of subdivision control was approved. Resolution 2020-27 to approve TIF bonds was approved. Resolution 2020-28 to receive petitions and execution of City Hall Lease was approved. Resolution 2020-29 to approve amendment of Economic Development Area was approved.

Morgan Schofield
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