Greensburg Water Board

The Greensburg Water Board met on Tuesday.

There was a discussion on a new accounting software. They jumped on board with the city on push asking a new software that has all their information merged into one site. This will save time as well as allow accessibility outside of the office, since it has cloud compatibility. This was approved.

Darren Burkhart gave an HNTB update on the new Surface Water Treatment Plant. There have been a lot of equipment startups and the plant was started on Friday. There are bugs that they will be working through for the next few weeks, however they are still ahead of schedule. Change order #3 was presented to the board. This was approved.

Rick Denny requested to purchase grass carp for the reservoir. They have currently been getting water from Flatrock instead of the reservoir due to complaints of a bad odor. There is no real explanation as to where this is coming from, however they suspect it has something to do with the algae and grass. They would like to fix this so they no longer have to use the water from Flatrock. The grass carp would keep the water moving and there would be no concern of people fishing them since they don’t bite. The purchase of 390 grass carp, 10 per surface acre, for $5,850 was approved. Denny also requested to purchase a scissor lift for $2,000. They cannot reach the valves in the new plant and if they were to ever have to manually run the plant this would be extremely useful. The lift will have to stay in the pipe gallery since there is no way for it to get out. This was approved.

Morgan Schofield


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