Hydrant flushing in St. Paul

St Paul
Water/Sewer Utilities
RE: Water Distribution System Flushing
Beginning Thursday May 30th at approximately 1:00 p.m. we will begin flushing
the entire distribution system. The flushing will be complete by the afternoon of Friday
May 31st
The St Paul utilities wishes to notify customers that during the periods of flushing
there will be a possibility of Red Water, which is high in iron and manganese, getting into
the customer’s water systems. This Red Water can stain clothing and make water appear
unpleasant to drink or bathe in. During this flushing period, any area of the town could
notice discolored water. A defined list of areas and times cannot be accurately projected
due to the change in flushing procedures and data collection requirements needed.
The purpose of this preventive maintenance program is to ensure that our water
distribution system is clean and in good operating condition. Each section of water main
and each individual hydrant will need enough water at a high velocity to ensure adequate
cleaning. Also, rust, and other particulate matter that has settled inside the piping will be
flushed out. This flushing will help maintain adequate chlorine levels for disinfection
throughout the city, adequate pressures and minimize the effects of Red Water.
Our goal is to ensure that the customers of St Paul have a safe and adequate
supply of drinking water. If there are any questions, please call the emergency phone
number at 765-993-3978 or 765-561-6551.

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