Westport Town Council

Westport Town Council met on Monday.

The council signed the funeral deeds, payroll vouchers, adjustments, and monthly bills.

There was a request to close the alley by 107 W Sycamore Street. Both neighbors on this alley have safety concerns as there is a lot of traffic going up and down. One neighbor is unable to park their car by their home because of this and the other is having people use their property in order to cut through faster. There will need to be an ordinance written in order to close the alley with an understanding that the town has right of way still for utilities.

There was a discussion on 216 E Mulberry Street. They have cleaned up the outside and should be fully done with remaining exterior work by May. It’s a large building that will need a lot of work to bring it back to its former glory, but it is their goal. They currently have a business making wedding and home decor such as arches and lighted branches, however are open to suggestions on what should go into the building. The town council wanted to make sure there was an open line of communication and wish her well on her venture.

Luke Lozier came to the board requesting a pay raise for the officers on Westport Police Department. Things have gone up due to inflation and their department is currently paid 35% less than other departments. They are requesting a $4,000 raise each. The council will have to look at the budget to see if this is plausible and scheduled an executive session to further discuss the topic.

There was a discussion on the employee rate for the Westport Community Building. They would like to retain Connie for her managerial and janitorial skills in the community building. They would like to combine her job with the open position of the town hall housekeeping. This is within the ordinance and the budget. This was approved.

The Alliance of Indiana Rural Water Apprenticeship Program contract was approved. This is to get more certified workers at the new water plant, as required by IDEM.

Morgan Schofield


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