Westport Town Council

Westport Town Council met on Monday. The council signed the funeral deeds, payroll vouchers, adjustments, and monthly bills.

The Westport Town Council appointed its officers. President is Harry Pray and Vice President is John Organist.

There was an update on the Westport Water Projects. Thieneman Construction is still working on the site and are on schedule. There was a change order request for a metal roof instead of a shingle roof which was approved. There was also a change order for a 30 day expansion to order materials for the new roof which was approved. Pay order # 2 was approved.

There was an update on the future wastewater project. There were 3 items that needed to be signed for the environmental review. The preliminary engineer report was accepted for IDEM. There was an approval made to look into the report and get the ball rolling for an application.

The County Commissioners sent the 2020 Ordinance Revisions to be adopted by Westport. This was adopted.

The Westport employee Covid 19 policy was tabled. The previous policy is extended until a new resolution is adopted.

Starting in April there will be a town cleanup. If Covid allows, on April 3 there will be an Easter Egg Hunt for the town.

Morgan Schofield


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