World Polio Day 10/24/23

From Jeff Emsweller

Greensburg Rotary Club #3437 in District #6580 members are dedicated to the mission of eradicating Polio from the World. Many of the local Rotarians are pictured showing that Rotary International members have made the effort “This Close,” in the quest to rid this disease. The campaign is also supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

World Polio Day is commemorated on Oct. 24 every year. Polio is a highly contagious disease caused by the poliovirus. Although very rare, the virus can attack the parts of the brain that help you breathe, which can lead to death. Polio has no cure, but it can be prevented with vaccinations, which is the leading effort of Rotary International. While there is no cure, once a country is free of any new Polio cases for three years, that area is declared Polio Free. Presently there are very few new cases showing up in third world countries. The Rotary effort continues.

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