1970 Sectional Basketball Champion Team recognized

Recognition took place Saturday night at North Decatur 

From Athletic Director Scott Johnson

In 2018 the North Decatur Athletic Hall of Fame was created to recognize outstanding athletes and their accomplishments during their Charger careers. So far 16 individuals, and soon to be 19, have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

The North Decatur Hall of Fame has now begun a new effort to recognize teams and their accomplishments. In addition to annually inducting individual athletes into the Hall of Fame, we now will begin to recognize special teams each year as well. The first team to experience this honor is also the first team in North Decatur history to win a sectional! North Decatur opened its doors in 1967 and a mere three years later won a basketball sectional championship. 

This team recorded a record of 16 wins and 7 losses during the 1969-1970 season. During the sectional that year they defeated Morton Memorial in the semi-finals by a score of 71-58. They then went on to win the sectional title by defeating Rushville 73-60. The next week they played in the regional and lost to eventual regional champs and Sweet 16 finalist South Ripley in triple overtime. 

The members and coaches of the team: 

Charles Beatty 

Tom Harford 

John Miller 

Jerry Wiley 

Paul Corya (deceased) 

Robin Dearinger (deceased) 

Garry Perry (deceased) 

Mark Wenning 

Ray Morton 

Steve Bohman 

Ernie Gauck 

James Westerfeld 

David Creech, manager 

Dennis Noah, manager (deceased) 

Dave Horn, coach 

Glenn Hatfield, coach

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