2020-21 All Conference Basketball in the Mid-Hoosier Conference

Girls All Conference Team
Lana Bell (South Decatur)
Nichole Garner (Waldron)
Haley Gorrell (North Decatur)
Rylee Kleine (Morristown)
Bella Larrison (Waldron)
Annelise Lollar (Edinburgh)
Abby Muck (Southwestern)
Kyleigh Parrott (Hauser)
Trinity Tatlock (Southwestern)
Emma Theobald (Morristown)
Lauryn Thomas (Waldron)
Lexi Wilkins (Southwestern)
Coach of the Year
Anthony Thomas (Waldron)

MHC Champion
Waldron Mohawks

Honorable Mention
Megan Bogemann (Waldron)
Maggie Correll (Southwestern)
Lily Kerber (Southwestern)
Raegan Kleine (Morristown)
Loryn Pate (South Decatur)
Hannah Taylor (Hauser)

Boys All Conference Team
Bryce Bates (Hauser)
Tyler Bowlby (Waldron)
Kyle Crim (Morristown)
Caleb Dewey (Edinburgh)
Aiden Hartsell (Southwestern)
Anick Harstell (Southwestern)
Hunter Johnson (South Decatur)
Sawyer Jones (Morristown)
Travis Jones (Edinburgh)
Lane Lauderbaugh (South Decatur)
Drake Moore (Morristown)
Lance Nobbe (North Decatur)
Coach of the Year
Keith Witty (Edinburgh)

MHC Champion
South Decatur Cougars

Honorable Mention
Isaac Roberts (Edinburgh)
Jacob Scruggs (South Decatur)
Tyler Sporleder (South Decatur)
Ethan Wendling (Southwestern)
Bryce Yarling (Waldron)

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