Greensburg Jr High Cross Country

The Greensburg Junior High Cross Country teams traveled to Waldron Tuesday night to compete in the Mohawk Invitational. The Boys team placed 2nd out of 11 teams while the Girls team placed 3rd.

The night began with Quinton Walker earning the Individual Runner Up Champion spot out of 75 competitors. Quinton really closed in on the Champion in the last 100m and was just 3 seconds from the 1st place finish at the line. Another award winner of the evening was Jackson Tekulve as he earned a ribbon for his 9th place finish. During the girls race Madeline Risher worked her way through her competitors for a 5th place finish among 81 total ladies. Eleanor Davis also earned an award for her 11th place finish at the line.

Other highlights of the evening included Tensley Brewsaugh, Emma O’Sullivan, and Jesse Harper all running season best times. Jesse Harper improved the most as she shed over 30 seconds from her previous time.

The Pirates will compete again on Thursday at North Branch.

2022 Boys XCWaldronPlace
Walker, Quinton11:22.22
Tekulve, Jackson12:25.19
Clifford, Ethan13:07.521
McNulty, Mason13:09.722
Corya, Henry13:18.925
Sanders, Brody13:34.229
Bennett, Jack16:22.955
Schutte, Brenner17:50.667
2022 Girls XCWaldronPlace
Risher, Madeline13:36.55
Davis, Eleanor14:07.911
Buening, Sophie14:53.420
Brewsaugh, Tensley15:25.425
O’Sullivan, Emma16:09.736
Stewart, Haleigh16:46.243
Berkemeier, Brianna16:55.046
Brewsaugh, Maddie17:59.553
Harper, Jesse18:09.354
Stewart, Ella Kate18:30.158
Hollin, Mickinzi20:44.116JV
Ridzon, Anastasia22:09.017JV

Katina Tekulve

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