Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office has zero tolerance policy for domestic violence cases

The Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office will not tolerate Domestic Violence in Bartholomew County.

The Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office has been making arrests of people accused of domestic violence which include felony and misdemeanor domestic violence charges.

In 2019, BCSO received 65 domestic violence reports and 53 domestic violence reports in 2020.

During the first quarter of 2021, 18 domestic violence cases have been reported. If this trend continues, cases will be the highest they have been in three years.

“We are simply not going to tolerate people being physically or emotionally abused in Bartholomew County”, said Bartholomew County Sheriff Matthew A. Myers.

“Sometimes victims are afraid to report an incident, which means family, friends or co-workers need to come forward on their behalf”, said Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Major Chris Lane.

Major Chris Lane also has a message for victims: “it’s not your fault”. “No one deserves to be hurt emotionally or physically and help is available”. “We will help you in any way that we can to make sure you are safe.” “Your safety and security is our number one concern”, added Major Lane.

Sheriff Myers said he has given BCSO deputies a directive, if there is probable cause, make an arrest at the scene. If not, a report will be forwarded to the Bartholomew County Prosecutor’s Office for review and, if warranted, an arrest will be made as soon as possible. Sheriff Myers wants residents to know that just because an arrest may not be made at the scene, it doesn’t mean that an arrest is not forthcoming.

If you are experiencing abusive behaviors in your relationship, please seek help from the Sheriff or Turning Point.

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