Money benefits New Horizons Lending Library

Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch made a visit to New Horizons on Thursday,
April 8th to present a check to the City of Batesville and New Horizons for the amount of $160,462 to
create a device lending library. The devices that will be available in the lending library will consist of
tablets, smart home devices, smart watches, health monitoring aids and more.
The lending library’s goal is to bring individuals with intellectual & physical disabilities the world of
technology and the connectivity that it brings. The library will teach them to use tablets, computers, and
other technology to connect to friends & enjoy online activities. Some of the online activities that New
Horizons will be setting up for the individuals to participate in are bingo, crafting, exercises, plus more.
In addition to the online activities, New Horizons will work with the individuals and their families to set up
friendship circles to help address the issue of social isolation that many people with intellectual & physical
disabilities face. The friendship circles will be a safe place where individuals can connect with and make
new friends.
The grant will also provide mobile hotspots for those individuals with limited internet access. This will
continue to help those dealing with social isolation due to their intellectual, physical disability or COVID
related issues.
The lending library hopes that after the individuals have become trained and have had some time to use
the technology that they will feel comfortable enough to purchase the technology item. Once they have
purchased their own device, the item they have borrowed goes back to the library for someone else to
To learn more about the Lending Library, contact New Horizons at or Marie Dausch

New Horizons is headquartered in Batesville, Indiana and has serviced southeastern Indiana for over 50 years. We
currently provide services to over 300 individuals and families in our service area. Our mission is empowering
individuals by creating meaningful opportunities in a changing environment.

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