Bulldozer pursuit in Bartholomew County

On 08/28/2021 at approximately 4:00 A.M. the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office was notified that the Columbus Police Department was in pursuit of a suspected stolen bull-dozer southbound on Central Ave. from 17th St. BCSO Deputies Sergeant Andrew Dougan, Sergeant Jarod Aspenson and Deputy Matt Bush responded to assist CPD officers in blocking intersections due to the John Deere “650 K Crawler Dozer” being extremely large and having the potential to seriously injure or kill anyone in its path. 

The suspect identified as Adam Jackson was given numerous commands over a PA system to stop as well as seeing numerous police cars with emergency lights activated. Traffic was non-existent at the time and the speed of the bulldozer was approximately 6 mph. The decision was made to retrieve the BCSO armored vehicle (MRAP) to utilize due to the size, weight, and dangerous capability of the dozer. The primary concern was if the dozer reached a populated residential area that major damage and personal injury/death would occur to anyone and anything in the way of it. No police vehicles would be close to capable of stopping it. It should be noted that later research indicated the weight of this dozer to be approximately 19,000lbs. 

Deputies pulled up next to the dozer in the MRAP as it was still moving at approximately 3mph and Sgt. Aspenson gave numerous loud commands for Jackson to stop the machine. Jackson eventually complied and stopped. Jackson was secured and taken into custody by Sgt. Aspenson, while Sgt Dougan entered the cab and shut the bulldozer off. Custody of Jackson was turned over to CPD officers on scene. 

“The MRAP was provided to Bartholomew County at no cost from the federal government early during Sheriff Myers administration.  The MRAP’s purpose is to protect lives and property in the most dangerous situations. We had this situation last night. The MRAP was deployed to protect life and property and it worked. This incident could have resulted in a very tragic loss of life if the individual would have lost control and drove through a house while the occupants were sleeping. With the quick thinking of all the deputies and officers involved Mr. Jackson was stopped and taken safely into custody. No one was injured during this incident.  We don’t like to use this type of tactical vehicle, but we are glad we had it last night. This type of vehicle is a piece of equipment you hope you never have to use.  However, when needed it can save lives and if the need ever arises again we will use it. We appreciate our Federal partners in acquiring this rescue vehicle, without their help we would not have been able to afford this type of equipment.”  Stated Chief Deputy Chris Lane

All persons are considered innocent unless/until proven guilty in a court of law

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