IDEM awards $513,000 in Community Recycling Grants

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) today announced the recipients of the agency’s Community Recycling Grant Program. IDEM awarded $513,593 to 16 applicants.

“IDEM is proud to work with communities throughout the state toward increasing recycling opportunities,” said IDEM Commissioner Brian Rockensuess. The grants are a great way for IDEM to promote recycling and facilitate recycling education in communities statewide.”

The grants are available to counties, municipalities, solid waste management districts, schools, and nonprofit organizations located in Indiana. Here is the list of recipients and the amounts they were awarded:

Brown County Solid Waste Management District: $28,710

Carmel Clay Schools: $15,000

City of Elwood: $13,620

City of Portage: $72,130

City of Valparaiso: $11,775

Crawford County Solid Waste Management District: $4,946

Dubois County Solid Waste Management District: $2,017

Gibson County Solid Waste Management District: $1,000

Hancock County Solid Waste Management District: $15,300

Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana: $96,600

Jay County Solid Waste Management District: $48,528

Lawrenceburg High School: $12,779

Shelby County Recycling District: $35,531

Teachers’ Treasures: $93,137

Wabash College: $34,920

Warren County Recycling Center: $27,600

Grant funding is intended to create successful, cost-effective programs. Applicants must demonstrate a positive environmental impact within the project service area, an increase in waste diversion because of the project and show the sustainability of the project. For additional information, please contact 800-988-7901 or

Grants are funded through IDEM’s Solid Waste Management Fund. Funds come from the solid waste management fee (IC 13-20-22-1). The fee consists of $0.50 per ton charge on solid waste for final disposal at Indiana municipal solid waste landfills and incinerators. None of the funding comes from tax dollars.

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