Annual Farm Bureau Breakfast

Featured Speaker Ted McKinney

The Indiana Farm Bureau held their annual breakfast on Saturday.

Patty Lange Fischer opened the event. They explained that due to Covid last year they were not able to have an Ag Day for the students. This did not discourage them however, and instead they went to several farms in the county and created a virtual Ag Day for students.

The devotional was given by Lisa Fogg. At the start of every year she chooses a word to focus on. This year that word was produce. Fogg stated that 2020 took its toll on everyone but they were never too far gone for God to produce a crop within them. Personally, she planted a crop within herself- one that would produce perseverance, character, and hope.

Patrick Williams with the Indiana Farm Bureau health plan discussed how members can be on the plan. This is a nation wide healthcare plan and you must be a member for 30 days and submit an application to be put on the plan.

Ted McKinney was the featured speaker. Amongst many things, McKinney was Co-chair for the National FFA. They said that the impact of 4-H and the Farm Bureau is astronomical and those foundation skills you learn will stay with you. McKinney discussed multiple topics. They believe that indiana is dedicated to conservation as we are the 2nd in the nation in percentage of cover crops- Texas being the first. This does mean that we need to watch out. The government is having a lot of discussion for finding a way to pay farmers for carbon sink. This could be a good thing if run right and bad thing as nothing ever comes for free. McKinney’s area of focus in his job as an under Secretary was trade. He believes we should be careful when trading with China and also come to a decision as a society where our ethics lie. McKinney also believes that Africa is on the rise, however ; colonialism is still present and it makes their trade difficult. Lastly, McKinney urges people to get the vaccine if they are on the fence about it, but is not here to enforce them as it is a choice. McKinney does believe they do their job though.

Morgan Schofield


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