Chief Deputy Attorney Doug Brown Named Law Enforcement Officer of the Year by Optimists

The Optimists thanked all those involved in law enforcement who help to keep our community safe.

Doug Brown is a Wabash graduate and a 1991 graduate of McKinney School of Law. Brown worked for the state of Indiana and in a private practice before becoming Chief Deputy Attorney in 2011. It was noted that he does more work in the office than they can recount and he has been a mentor to countless attorneys.

Sheriff Dave Durant said that people in law enforcement don’t always realize how lucky we are to have our own prosecutors office, as it helps to keep the crime rate as low as it is in our community. Brown’s perspective is one of the main ways the prosecutors office keeps its spirit.

Police Chief Mike McNealy said that there are 2 words to describe Brown- elevation and dedication. Brown has elevated law enforcement since he began in 2011 and is always willing to have hard conversations with officers in order to challenge them and make the trial the best it can be. Brown is dedicated to the job which is proven through the amount of time and work done.

Bill Meyerose thanked the optimists for their continued support of law enforcement in all of its forms. Brown is famous in the courthouse for his words of wisdom or, as noted by his coworkers, his “Dougisms”.

Superior Court Judge Bailey said there are 2 things to describe Brown- fairness and accountability. Brown listens to what is said in the courtroom and takes that into account when making a decision. He demands accountability for those who violate probation or corrections, which is what makes our community safe.

Circuit Court Judge Day said that Brown is the anchor of the prosecutors office. Brown was described as being a prosecutor who is willing to resolve an issue with creativity and attention to detail.

Doug Brown appreciated the award and on behalf of all law enforcement thanks the Optimists for doing this every year. He was humbled to join the list of men he has admired and looked up to for many years and has always loved the family aspect of our community. Brown appreciated all comments made on him and has the upmost respect for those law enforcers on the frontlines.

Morgan Schofield


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