Decatur County Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees Meeting

The Governing Board of the Decatur County Memorial Hospital Meeting was on April 25, 2024, at 7:00 pm.

The board approved the March 28, 2024 meeting minutes.

Catherine Keck, Chief Financial Officer, provided a review of the first quarter. She stated that the hospital finished the quarter with a 1% unfavorable operating budget outcome compared to the forecasted budget. Operating expenses were consistent with the forecasted budget. Catherine added that the hospital’s investments did above normal and with that factored into the quarter, the hospital overall did very well in quarter one.

Malcolm Myers, Board Member, provided a summary from the Finance Committee Meeting. Malcolm said that they reviewed and held discussions on audits that have been conducted. He said that they reviewed the Accounts Receivables Report. Also, they discussed the pharmacy projects and other Capital Asset Purchase requests.

All capital asset purchases were unanimously approved. Before the vote, Rex Mckinney, CEO, added that the Capital Asset requests included modernizing the Retail Pharmacy and additional equipment for the Sleep department. These changes are so that the hospital can continue to meet patient care needs as the hospital continues to grow.

Rex Mckinney, CEO asked the board for approval to reallocate $1,017,000.00 to help fund the renovation of Two South to allow for additional clinic space to provide services that continue to see growth. The board approved the request to reallocate the funds.

The board approved the final Conflict of Interest Statement for one of the board members.

Rex Mckinney stated that the Investment Committee recommended changes within the Investment Policy mostly concerning changes to how the policy is written. The board approved making the recommended updates to the policy.

Rex McKinney provided his CEO update. Rex mentioned that DCMH participated in the Decatur County Childcare discussion facilitated by the Community Foundation. Rex said that DCMH will be part of the discussion and the solution. Rex said that the hospital is co-sponsoring Senior Movie Day with WTRE. He said that the Human Resources department continues to work with the community and partner with other organizations to attract talent. They hosted an event in collaboration with IVY Tech aimed at attracting talent. He mentioned that the hospital presently maintains a turnover rate of 17%, which is regarded as favorable within the healthcare sector. He added that he would love to see it decrease, but that he felt they are doing a good job supporting staff. Rex reminded board members of the Gala that is scheduled for April 26, 2024.

Nicole Boersma, MD & Board Member, presented the application for appointment to the medical staff and the termination from the medical staff. All appointments and terminations were approved.

Application for Appointment of the Medical Staff:

Allied Staff

a. Erin Diem NP – Nurse Practitioner/Medicine – DCMH Employee –

Approved for Temporary Privileges 3.21.2024

Courtesy Staff

a. Amit Sanghvi – Teleradiology/ Surgery – Summit Radiology – Approved for

Temporary Privileges 3.20.2024

B. Termination from the Medical Staff

a. Erik Bekkers MD – Courtesy Staff – Teleradiology/ Surgery – Summit

Radiology – Termination 3.12.2024

The meeting adjourned. The next meeting is scheduled for May 30, 2024.

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