City of Greensburg Redevelopment Commission Meeting- 6/6/24

The Redevelopment Commission Meeting met on June 6, 2024, at 7:00 pm. 

The meeting began with the approval of the May 2, 2024 meeting minutes. 

Jack Woods, Veridus Group, came to the meeting to discuss the Apartment Complex RFP for the property located where the old Decatur County Jail was located. The only submission that was received was Iron Men. Jack said since the last meeting they have reviewed the response and that it is consistent with what they are seeing across the state. He feels like their product and financing fit with what the RDC has been looking for. Jack stated that he, two council members, Zach Wirig, and Mayor Josh Marsh went to Frankfort, IN to view a property that Iron Men has completed. Jack stated that their property offer did meet what they had as a minimum acceptable bid of $125,500. The commission voted to move forward with entering into negotiations for the Economic Development Agreement. 

Allie Beck, Mainstreet Greensburg Executive Director, came to the commission meeting to request a matching donation of $25,000. This would be used towards an interior renovation program that will be available beginning in August. There are qualifications to be eligible for the grant which will be released in July sometime. The main goal of Mainstreet Greensburg is to take their downtown business front occupancy rate from 79% to 85%. Honda has awarded them $25,000 towards the project. The RDC voted to approve the donation request of $25,000. 

Brady Rogers, Reedy Financial, spoke about the June 15th Tiff pass-through. The commission approved a resolution that said they have no excess funding to pass through. 

Mayor Josh Marsh spoke briefly about the Property Marketing Program and that they did receive an offer on a piece of land that is located behind Harbor Freight, across the street from Lake Point Apartments. This offer expired and then an addendum was added which extended the expiration date until June 7, 2024. This was a full-price offer. The property will be Forge Fitness which is owned by Thomas Gray and his co-owner. The commission approved the sale of the property and allowed President David Weigel to sign on behalf of the RDC.

Mayor Marsh also discussed that they had negotiated in a previous agreement with the housing addition on Veterans Way that they would purchase an Easement Machine. This machine would be purchased by the RDC and then given to the City Wastewater Department for use on that housing project and other projects. The quote that was given was $55,000 and was approved by the RDC. 

The commission approved the June 2024 claims. They also approved paying of two large bills that may be due before their next meeting. 

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