Decatur County Commissioners

The Decatur County Commissioners met on Tuesday.

Todd Houk gave an update on the highway department. Bridge 73 has the beams set and will be poured within this week. The Community Crossing Grant is almost complete with CR 100 N being the last road with work needing to be done. The board approved a credit card for the highway department.

Krista Duvall presented ordinances 2022-9, 2022-5, 2021-21, 2021-15, and 2021-10. These were approved.

Kenny Buening gave an update. There have been 65 building inspections, 23 new building permits, 2 permit renewals, and 3 red tags. The property is Burney is in the process of cleaning up. There was a homeowner who had a court order for a meter installation. The meter was installed on the same day within 3 hours of the judge’s order.

Matt Slaven came to the board to request the use of the courthouse grounds for a flagpole prayer with the FCA. This was presented by students involved in the FCA which includes students from Greensburg, North Decatur, and South Decatur. This will be Wednesday, September 28 at 7 pm at the courthouse and the community is invited. This was approved.

Anita Diederich came to the board to purchase a small section of land against her property for $1,200. This was approved.

Steve Doerger came to the board to discuss the Courthouse Clock. Currently the clock’s motor is broken and is only right twice a day. They recommend they replace the clock with a new time piece, which includes the hands and the center sections of glass. The frosted glass would be replaced with acrylic which is much safer as it is harder to break. They would also like to get the bell tower sounding again as well. The time frame would be 6-8 months to order and install this. This was tabled for review.

Dianne Wenning came to the board of finance to reapprove the investment policy. This was approved.

During the storms this weekend the jail took a lightning strike which momentarily shut down the lights. The backup generator kicked on immediately however had damage done to it. The generator can now only be turned on and off manually and they plan to look into getting this fixed.

Morgan Schofield


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