Decatur County Memorial Hospital Board

The Decatur County Memorial Hospital Board met on Thursday.

The 2022 Audit Report was approved by the board.

There was a financial report given to the board. Volumes for the month of April were 4.8% less on inpatient and 5.1% less on the ambulatory side. They were consistent with the budget and had a favorable investment income. The financial report was approved.

The was a report give by the Planning Committee. The committee went over marketing updates and discussed upcoming events for the hospital. The report was approved.

There was a report given by the Quality Committee. They covered the successes and went over quality metrics. They discussed action plans for fall prevention and general hospital safety for the staff. The report was approved.

There was a report given by the Finance and Risk Committee and Audit Committee. The were given a thorough 2022 Audit review and had an update on the financial position of the nursing homes. The report was approved

Rex McKinney gave a CEO update. The recently had a rural health clinic site visit where they were reaccredited. They had a significant uplift with system technology and the team had done a fantastic job adjusting to the new system. The hospital is very proud of their IT department and Leadership staff. June 22 will be the Healthy Fair and they plan to have a booth at the 4-H Fair this summer to connect with the community. They are announcing local scholarships for 9 students and have started intern season. Dr Meyer’s contract for radiology was approved.

The Board of Trustees Policy Approval, which is an annual renewal, was approved.

The board approved all appointments to the medical staff. There were no resignations.

Morgan Schofield


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