Decatur County Visitors Commission

The Decatur County Visitors Commission met on Thursday.

The passenger train that came to town on Saturday was a success. The square was presented nicely thanks to the business owners and street department.

The grant committee reviewed the grant requests and gave their recommendation. Main Street Westport was recommended $1,500 for their Covered Bridge Festival, Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance was recommended $1,750 for their Labor Day Classic, the YMCA was recommended $750 for the Tree City Rolling Tour, and the St Paul bicycle ride was recommended $600. The grant requests were approved.

Erica Gunn, Daniel Fayette, and Kennedy Weaver gave a marketing update. They entered into a T-mobile contest and believe their submission has a chance of winning. They are looking to get more photographers to be out and about as the weather gets nicer. They have been prepping for the board retreat and trying to get stickers and apparel with their logo. They have also begun to dip their toes into sports tourism.

Kennedy Weaver gave an update on sports. They launched the kickball league and had a smaller turnout than expected. They believe that this is on their part and will have another survey for the community to see what changes could be made for the better. The board approved the part time position for Kennedy. She will help set the foundation for the sales director position that they feel would be beneficial for growth.

The board retreat was discussed. They would like everyone there to see what direction they want to go in financially. They also want all their ideas on how to make Decatur County better. Joshua Strout will be starting his mural on the armory at 9 am on Friday. They plan to have the new UTV wrapped with their branding.

Morgan Schofield


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