Greensburg City Council

Greensburg City Council met on Tuesday.

City Engineer Ron May presented ordinance 2022-26, for stop sign changes. This was approved on the second reading.

Bryan Robbins with the Greensburg/Decatur County EDC presented the Xperience Ag tax abatement. The recommendation was to revoke the current 4 year tax abatement and approve the new 5 year tax abatement. This is due to receiving an official employee headcount. Resolution 2021-11 was revoked. Resolution 2022-1 was approved.

Fire Chief Nathan Stoermer came to the board requesting 1-2 city council members be on a working group for the fire station project. Kevin Fleetwood and Rick Emsweller volunteered.

Building Commssioner Sarah Hamer presented ordinance 2022-01, for inspection fees. This is to amend ordinance 2014-14. This is not changing any initial inspection fees, but to give re-inspection fees $100 per inspection. There will be no final inspection if these fees are not paid. This was approved on the first reading.

City Engineer Ron May presented the Bike and Pedestrian master plan to the council. The Plan commission has approved for this to be in the Comprehensive plan. This was approved.

Clerk Treasurer Amy Borns requested additional encumbrance. This was approved.

Mayor Josh Marsh presented the expenditure plan of the 2021 General Obligation bond. The council was pleased to see the inclusion park included in this as it will be a valuable asset to the community. This was approved. The Pirate Park build operate transfer agreement was approved.

The City council President is Jamie Cain.

The official 2021 newspaper for the city is Greensburg Daily News.

Morgan Schofield


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