Greensburg City Council

Greensburg City Council met on Tuesday.

Clerk Treasurer Amy Borns presented ordinance 2021-14 for additional appropriation for Animal Control. This was approved.

Building Commissioner Sarah Hamer presented Ordinance 2021-12 for garbage and trash. This was cleaning up wording for clarity. This was approved.

Mayor Joshua Marsh presented ordinance 2021-15 for storm water utility rate. The largest changes made were to the language for better clarity. This rate is consistent with other utilities of municipalities close to our size. Members of the board agreed that the $7 rate was to high of a starting rate for the residents of Greensburg and wanted it lowered to $3.50. There was a comment from the public made by Mark Rosel. They feel as though there have been too many increase on water rates to keep up with an that the city needs to reign it in on utilities. They believe that the city is losing property taxes on the hospital and that pushing more funds on residents won’t fix their problems. There was a motion made to pass this rate on a second reading with the changes to the wording as well as the decrease to $3.50. This was approved.

Fire Chief Nate Stoermer reminded everyone of the 9/11 Memorial Service being held at Station 1 on September 11 starting at 8:30. This will be the 20th year ceremony and they will have speakers, singers, and a bagpiper.

Building Commissioner Sarah Hamer presented resolution 2021-06 to adopt the official city zoning map. They have worked on this map for a year and half and prior to this the last official update was in 1990. This was approved.

Clerk Treasurer Amy Borns presented resolution 2021-07 to enlarge covered positions under PERF. Every time they create a new full time position they must make a resolution. This would allow them to skip this for efficiency. This was approved.

Street Commissioner Mark Klosterkemper came to the board to discuss a sanitation policy change. This is a problem that came to light late last week. They have a small number of residents that no one should have to empty their trash cans in the state they are in due to infestation. Klosterkemper doesn’t feel it’s right to submit his workers to these conditions and the city feels the same. If the city approves they can take some action now until an ordinance can be written. This was approved. They will be hand delivering as well as mailing notices to these residents.

Decatur County/City of Greensburg IT Josh Tressler came to the board to discuss dispatch radio upgrades and service infrastructure. The equipment they have today was purchased in 2015 and some of it was outdated then. Tressler has been working the past couple of years to get a plan together including getting everyone on a rotation cycle so purchases aren’t as big as they once were. The initial request for both city and county was $200,000. The request for the city to fund their half was approved and will be sent to the board of works. Tressler also requested $125,000 for service infrastructure. This was approved and will be sent to the board of works.

Mayor Joshua Marsh presented his items. Ordinance 2021-16, for the City of Greensburg 2022 budget, was approved. Ordinance 2021-17, for the Greensburg School Corporation 2022 budget, was approved. They are currently working on the READI Grant and meet every week to discuss projects. They plan to start moving back into the renovated city hall this week. There will be a city hall open house on September 25 from 10 am to 1 pm.

Morgan Schofield


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