Greensburg Redevelopment Commission

The Greensburg Redevelopment Commission met on Thursday.

City Engineer Ron May discussed the residential development project. They met with Beacon Builders engineer to get the steps lined out for the project. They had a topographical survey done and are now working on preliminary planning.

Brendan Bridges discussed the Inclusion Park project. This idea was thought of 4 years ago when he took his son to an inclusion park where he was able to freely play for hours and have positive social interactions with other children his age. Current playgrounds in Decatur County/Greensburg do not meet ADA compliance or do not meet the needs of those with intellectual disabilities. This equipment allows for all children to interact and play with each other. The 17,700 square ft area will have a flat surface, all equipment will be ADA compliant such as having ramps and stabilizing features, and playhouses for early social interaction. Miracle Playground is the company being used and the total cost is $742,000. The board approved to donate $100,000 to the Inclusion Park project.

Morgan Schofield


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