Greensburg Water Board meeting Tuesday night

The Greensburg Water Board met on Tuesday.

The board recognized their employee Donna Lecher. Lecher has worked for the city for 39 years and says the best part of her job is her staff that she gets to work with. They are most proud of the radio project and transition to be online. The board appreciates everything Donna Lecher does for the city and showed their gratitude with a bouquet of flowers.

Darren Burkhart presented a plan for the South Water Tower. The South tank was built in 1952 and in September of 2021 there was an evaluation done which has been used as a basis for the report. This included recommendations of what could be done to bring the tower up to code if it were ever redone. The tank does have an exterior lead coating which would need to be changed; however, for the time being is safe as it touches no water. There were 8 alternatives presented with 2 main options. The first was to remove the exterior coating which would take 6-8 months, a concern to the board. Second, they could do improvements along park road as part of the upcoming projects and relocate the tank. They took the 8 options and put them into a model to show the available fire flow and they noted there would be a slight decrease if the tank was taken out of service, however would not be a significant amount. The tank only affects the southwest portion of the city and they saw no significant impacts on the downtown if it needed to be taken out of order. There was a total project cost calculated for each of the 8 alternatives, ranging from $1.4 – $12 million. This was tabled for consideration.

Rick Denny presented the radio system quote. They are losing communications with towers and wells due to the current radios being obsolete. They were given a quote for $27,965.68 and will fix the system and integrate the new system as well. This was approved.

The MRO was approved.

Morgan Schofield


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