Match period winding down

The Decatur County Community Foundation would like to remind residents about a months-long match opportunity that will soon be wrapping up.

Donations to the Community Fund and the Ag Field of Interest Fund are being matched through March 31st.  The Community Fund is the general grant-making pot for large and small grants, Thank-a-Teacher grants, and others. The Ag Field of Interest Fund focuses on ag-education projects.

“Many of our donors love match opportunities,” said Tami Wenning, DCCF Executive Director. “This match challenge has been a great opportunity. We’ve had several families start new funds—and create lasting impacts—because their initial seed money could be matched.”  

The matching pool of dollars is being provided by several friends of the Foundation, including Agri Business Finance as part of the Kova Family.

“When the Foundation asked for support, we did not hesitate,” said Brad Reed, President, Agri Business Finance. “The Kova family of businesses has been a part of the ag community for 85+ years. Our ag community is a leader in the state and we want to support DCCF’s role.”

“This match program has been an opportunity to develop new donors, to educate community members about the Foundation’s work, and a chance to double the impact with a single donation,” noted Wenning. “The effort has been successful in all of those aspects.” To learn more about the Foundation, the match opportunity, starting a fund and more, visit The Foundation can be reached at 812-662-6364, or at To be eligible for match, donations to the Foundation should be made by March 31st.

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