Pasel files for Decatur County Commissioner

Jeremy Pasel recently announced his candidacy for Decatur County Commissioner in District 2, saying ” Decatur County has experienced growth over the last decade but with the right leadership we can encourage consistent growth that brings new prosperity and opportunity to this hardworking community.” 

Pasel grew up in northern Cass County, Indiana on the family farm that was purchased by his great grandfather. A proud ten year 4-H member, Pasel raised cattle and hogs for the county fair. After his rural upbringing in northern Indiana, he attended Franklin College and then worked full time during his legal education at the IU McKinney School of Law.  Since graduating from law school in 2012, Pasel has dedicated his career to public service as a deputy prosecuting attorney. Pasel and his wife moved to northwestern Decatur County in 2018 because it is a rural farming community that is very similar to where they grew up.

Of his candidacy, Pasel said, ” I will work to move this community, as your County Commissioner, in the direction that improves all our lives.  I intend to pursue responsible economic development, which will not only bring good paying jobs to our community, but it can help improve our schools, roads, utilities, fair grounds, and provide other opportunities that will positively affect Decatur County.” Pasel pledged to be the professional representative Decatur County needs to go meet with and attract economic investment in our community.  Pasel described himself as a “fiscal conservative” who will not pursue projects that leave Decatur County in a fiscal deficit. A young man with a family, Pasel dedicated himself to “creating a better community for our children and grandchildren.”  

In his announcement letter to voters, Pasel ” guarantee[d] transparency and enhanced communication regarding the commissioners’ meetings and decisions made as a result of those meetings,” saying, “Decisions should not be made behind closed doors or to benefit only a select few.” Pasel specifically noted that transparency and communication can only go so far when the current County Commissioners meet at 8:00 am on a Monday.  Pasel promised to work with his fellow commissioners to move the County Commissioner meetings to a time when the working family doesn’t have to worry about losing money or taking time off work to come voice their concerns about a project.  

Describing what sets him apart as a candidate and why he’s running, Pasel said, ” I will be your County Commissioner who is not afraid of change or to bring innovation to Decatur County.  I will ask the hard questions.  I am fortunate to have lived in several different communities.  Consequently, I have seen the advantages and the disadvantages of these communities.  These experiences will help me to help Decatur County.  We call Decatur County home because of the wide-open spaces and the small, tight knit community. I will help Decatur County grow and improve while not sacrificing the ideals we cherish.”

Pasel closed by expressing eagerness to interact with all of his neighbors during the race, inviting all of Decatur County to share their vision for the future with him via Facebook or by calling him at 812-614-8005. “It would be my honor to earn your support and to serve the people of Decatur County as their newest County Commissioner.”

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