Westport Town Council

Westport Town Council met on Monday. The council signed the funeral deeds, payroll vouchers, adjustments, and monthly bills.

The town council officers will remain the same.

There was an update on the Westport Water Projects. They had a walkthrough with the contractor who requested substantial completion be filed. The roof insulation will be done in the next couple of weeks. They will be working on putting together a punch list as well as the substantial completion certification for the next meeting. There was an update on the wastewater project. They are doing fieldwork however weather has gotten in the way. They do have some spots noted for investigation. The county awarded Westport $55,000 to do a comprehensive storm water study.

The rumors of the recycling center closing are not true. While they are still in the preliminary stages of planning, the council is confident they can feasibly keep it open. There were suggestions made on how to handle larger waste and also whether or not they should be seasonal that the council is looking further into.

There was an update from Main Street. They have yet to get any plans for the new sign, although they are working to set up a meeting.

Morgan Eaton came to the board to requesting to rezone 10 acres to build a home. The board gave their vote of approval.

Morgan Schofield


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