Tree Fire in Decatur County

Napoleon Fire Department Post

Thanksgiving evening, firefighters responded to a call involving a very large tree on fire along US 421 near County Road 400S in Decatur County.

Firefighters arrived to a large hollow tree that was burning fully inside from the ground to top, creating a chimney effect that enhanced the fire. What seems like a simple response actually presented a number of challenges for safe extinguishment, due to the close proximity of a building and the unstable nature of the hollow tree, which was leaning in the direction of the building. Since laddering the tree was not a safe option, and we are not equipped to safely fell a tree of this size, the decision was made to request a ladder truck from Greensburg Fire Department to apply water into the top of the tree. Our thanks to them for assisting, as well as to Marion Township Volunteer Fire Department, who provided a tanker for additional water supply during the response.

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