Westport Town Council

Westport Town Council met on Monday.

There was a public hearing on the 2024 budget. There was a question on whether or not the Community Building was included in this budget. The answer is yes, but the budgeted funds are scattered around the budget, rather than under one main line item. There was also a question on if the town can budget more funds for the fire station, as they are looking to purchase a new truck and a new pumper. The town is not able to directly fund a portion of the trucks, as they would need to be put on the title if they did so.

There was a request to close an alley between 308 and 310 S Walnut Street. The requester does own the properties on either side of the alley and there are no utilities running through. This was approved.

The Easement Ordinance was presented. This ordinance is regulates structures and creations that are placed on right of ways or easements within the town. This regulation will help to answer the question of whose responsibility these creations are and keep the town from incurring unnecessary costs. This was approved and reviewed by the ordinance committee.

Brush removal will be starting again on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Brush should be taken to the recycling center where it will be reviewed before disposal. This will be a free service.

Despite rumors, Town Hall will not be moved to the Community Building. If anything the dream is to refurbish or rebuild Westport Town Hall.

Morgan Schofield


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