North Decatur 7 and 8 Volleyball

7th grade wins over Benjamin Rush 2-0

Overall great team work by the Chargers. The girls move to a record of 4 and 1. 
Sophie Rohls led the charge in serves, serving 5 aces, great hitting, and passing. 
Haylee Shoettmer had perfect hands tonight with fabulous setting, and passing. 
Brynlee Green added some great serves, passes and hits as well. 
Lydia Rennekamp, Navaeh Schwartz, Eliza Kennelly and Sasha McIntosh all contributed great passes, sets, serves and hits to an overall great Charger win! 

North Decatur 8th grade wins over Benjamin Rush 2-0

The 8th Grade Lady Chargers remain undefeated as they brought the hustle to Benjamin Rush coming away with another “W”

Maggie Burkhart was unstoppable as she set the Lady Chargers up for total net domination. 

Miley Scudder led the Chargers with 8 hits, 4 kills, 3 aces and several good passes.

Sara Moeller came away with 9 hits, 2 kills and 2 aces.

Ellie Johnson added 4 hits, 1 kill and several good passes and serves.

Layla Fellows, Abby Custer, Macy Kinker, Grace Nobbe & Sarah Litmer all contributed hustle, good passing and serving to keep the Lady Chargers on top and to bring home another victory. 

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