North Decatur Boys 8th grade beat Benjamin Rush Middle School 41-14

After returning to play for the first time in two weeks, North boys 8th grade earned a win over visiting Rush Middle School. The Chargers started the game with good defense holding the visitors scoreless after one quarter. Good defense continued in the second quarter as the home team surrendered only two second quarter points to take a 20-2 lead. The second half saw the Chargers score an additional 21 points to end the game with a total of 41 points and a 27 point win. Leading the Chargers were Logan O’Dell-14, Hayden Ramsey-12, Chase Youngman-5, Garrett Schwering, Eli Trenkamp, Scott Morford, Brody Barker, and Tyler Steven all had 2 points a piece. The next game is Thursday at St. Mary’s.

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