Animal Abuse Charges Pending in Decatur County

On 8/3/22 at 11:47am, Deputy Patrick Richards assisted with a Civil
standby/Court ordered repossession in the 4900 block of East County Road 280 North in
Decatur County. When Deputy Richards arrived, he observed multiple neglected animals,
including several dying and/or deceased animals in various locations on the property.
Deputy Richards contacted the Decatur County Prosecutor’s Office and requested
a search warrant for the property. A search warrant was granted and signed by Decatur
County Superior Court Judge Matthew Bailey.
During the execution of the search warrant, approximately 318 live animals were
removed from the property, 24 animals were deceased upon arrival, and 23 were
euthanized on the scene. The malnourished animals were without food and had very little
available water. Numerous animals were also located on the main floor of the residence
and in the attached garage.
Deputy Richards was assisted by Decatur County Deputies, the Greensburg Fire
Department, Decatur County EMA, the Greensburg Police Department, Decatur
County/Greensburg Animal Control, and Decatur County Board of Health.
Also assisting with the care, feeding, and moving the animals were Triple-R
Equine Rescue, including their multiple volunteers, the Metz Brothers Farm, Soy
Processors, Standard Fertilizer, and The Mike Colson Family. Several community
members also offered resources to assist the animals in need.
Criminal charges are currently pending.

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