Annual meeting for the Hospital Foundation of Decatur County

Mandy Lohrum is Executive Director of the Foundation
Rex McKinney is DCMH President and CEO

Sandy Nieman was thanked for her years of service on the Hospital Foundation Board

The Foundation was founded in 1992 and since that time 6.5 millioin dollars have been raised.

1173 received Diagnostic testing for the Healthy Fair since 2019

187 people have received support from the Mammogram Assistance Program with $273,973 from the Pink Ribbon Fund. Over 350 mammograms and 225 procedures have been completed through the Pink Ribbon Fund.

500 Sleep Saks for newborns have been given out since the beginning of 2020.

$478,899 in grants to DCMH Departments since 2006.

$79,638 employee support for My DCMH Grants since 2018.

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