Decatur County Board of Zoning Appeals

The Decatur County Board of Zoning Appeals met on Wednesday.

Shannon Myers requested a “Special Exception” in an A-1 zoning classification to operate a dog grooming business on the property. There was also a “Variance” request from the required setback of 150’ to 115′ from the adjoining property line. Their current business location was a rental that had to be torn down due to disrepair and they would like to keep their business open. There would be no early or late clients and no boarding- only dog grooming. The building is 16×20 ft and is located in a spot with water and sewer. The property is owned by the petitioner in Westport, Sand Creek Township. Petition 2023-3 was approved.

Harold Callahan came to the board to discuss pond concerns. A neighbor had a pond built next to his property which is now leaking and causing a constant flow of water into his field. The more water that goes into the pond, the more that leaks into his field, causing a standing water year round. The neighbor wants this issue fixed too, however the person who built the pond says there is nothing wrong with it. The BZA has no enforcement over this issue, as it is a civil issue, however suggested that tile be added to the field to dry the water up.

Morgan Schofield


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