Decatur County Commissioners

The Decatur County Commissioners met on Monday.

Mark Mohr gave an update. The state has a bridge replacement on 421 S and so far the detour traffic has not been bad. The contractor did begin repair work on the Westport Covered Bridge. They continue to do patching and final grading and seeding, however these are all weather dependent.

Krista Duvall presented APC Petition 2022-6, which was approved. APC petition 2021-9 was discussed. This is for the Hillbilly Corner property. There was a neighbor there who expressed concerns not for the current owner, but for any future owners who would own the rezoned B-2 property. They asked if there was anyway the commissioners could implement a temporary rezone and that the property would go back to residential if it were ever sold, however the commissioners have no ordinances in place for this. The commissioners had some concerns with the larger size of the property and what could be added on in the future. The commissioners sent this back to the APC for a review in the rezone size. The Broadband Ordinance was approved.

Kenny Buening gave an update. There have been 30 building inspections, 15 new building permits, and 2 red tags. On April 13 they issued a remodel permit for a property in Westport and the next day the town council approved the condemned property to be demolished. They are looking further into this.

Emilia Redelman came to the board to discuss their business Deals on Wheels. There have been multiple complaints on the property such as items too close to the highway, parts on the railroad right of way, and dismantling cars and selling them for parts. The property is zoned B-3 for a body shop/repair shop. Emilia believes only 2 of the 3 complaints are true and states they are selling no parts from the shop, only using them to repair cars. The commissioners approved a 60 day time limit to cleanup the property and on June 18, Kenny Buening and Mark Koors will inspect the property.

Jim Ponsler and Jamie Brown came to the board to request use of the fairgrounds for Caleb’s Cause. This will be for the track and stadium and will be a race to raise money for Special Olympics. This will be on June 18 with a rain date of June 25. This was approved.

DCMH made an offer to buy the old Health Department Building from the county for $650,000. This is above and beyond the appraisal price the county received. This was approved.

The commissioners approved the request of the transfer of funds for $700,000 from the CARES Act balance to Cumulative Capital and $150,000 of those funds to go to the Community Foundation for seed money at the fairgrounds. This will be brought before the county council.

911 dispatch is looking for new team members after a retirement.

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