Decatur County Commissioners

The Decatur County Commissioners met on Monday.

Mark Mohr gave an update. There has been 911 call controversies at Lake McCoy. This is because there is a road with 2 names, Lake Road and Boulevard Road. To erase the confusion, the road will now be CR E 100 S. The auditors office should be receiving RFPs for bridge 131. Bridge 73 is being replaced and relocated soon to help fix drainage issues. They continue to send out patchwork crews in the county and the backside of the Westport Covered Bridge is finished. The commissioners thanked the highway department, EMA, and volunteer fire departments for working hard in the St. Paul area due to the storm damage.

Krista Duvall presented ordinances 2022-1 and 2022-15. Both ordinances were approved.

Kenny Buening gave an update. There have been 47 building inspections, 22 new building permits, 3 permit renewals, and 2 red tags, both for meter violations.

There was a call from a citizen whose neighbor is growing noxious weeds. They wanted to know who to contact in order to fix the issue. The township trustee is the first person to contact for any weed related issues.

The Tree City Fall Festival requested use of the courthouse lawn. This was approved.

The board approved the purchase of a used Gator for $4,500 for the fairgrounds. The commissioners have been in contact with a company from Cincinnati to look at the clock.

The board approved the $19,100 from a vehicle sale.

Morgan Schofield


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