Decatur County Commissioners

The Decatur County Commissioners met on Monday.

Tim Ortman gave an update on the highway department. They are currently in “maintenance mode” and are transitioning from the winter days.

Kenny Buening gave an update. There have been 25 building inspections, 10 new building permits/plan reviews, and 1 permit renewal. There was a nuisance property that a letter was sent to in St Omar who contacted them and said they were in the process of cleaning up. There was a complaint on a building built too close to the road, however the building is not a permanent structure and there’s nothing they can do about the placement. There was a plan review made for the truck stop renovation.

Sean Durbin with the Health Department requested for Megan Lanning Bodden to be reappointed to the board. This was approved.

HR Patty Hensley discussed updates to the emergency procedures for the county. When the tornado sirens were tested the other day, she found that most people in the courthouse could not hear the sirens at all. It was also noticed that there is a lack of posted emergency procedures for severe weather and fire within the county buildings. This will need to be addressed.

Abby Harry with Community Corrections presented the 2024 budget and grant for Decatur County Community Corrections, Decatur County Problem Solving Court, and 1006 Funding for Decatur County Adult Probation. This is a preview for the commissioners on what will be sent to the state. The commissioners signed a support letter.

Rick Nobbe presented the broadband ordinance. All corrections have been made and it has been reviewed by the county attorney. Resolution 2023-2 for the broadband ordinance was approved.

Harold Callahan discussed a leaking pond concern. They have neighbor whose pond is leaking into their field and they are concerned that this will destroy their field when it is farmed. This is not a commissioner issue and will need to be taken to civil court, however they suggested that a tile would most likely be a fix to the problem.

There was a discussion on the creation of a county Facebook page. This would be used for updates, voting locations, and be easier access to meeting agendas and minutes for the community. This will be further discussed.

Pay application 6 for the county highway department for $265,978.55 was approved.

Betsy Von Graam requested to use the courthouse lawn to pitch a tent in order to raise awareness for homelessness and the need for a homeless shelter in our community. There has been no proof of insurance given, which is a requirement for all use of facility requests. This was tabled for proof of insurance.

There was a discussion on the food and beverage tax. The aquatic committee was contacted by the chairman of Ways and Means that said they need to have a supplemental need for a food and beverage. A letter of intent and MOU has been drafted. This letter was approved.

Eric Blodgett with the Decatur County Sheriffs Department requested to trade 4 older fleet vehicles for a new investigative vehicle. This was approved.

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