Decatur County Commissioners meet 04/17/23

Decatur County Commissioners Agenda

April 17, 2023

Title VI Forms
Prayer- Pastor Ray Sweet, Jr.
Review April 3rd minutes
Approval of Claims and Payroll Claims
 Todd Houk, Highway Department
 Building Inspector –
Residence complaints of vehicles on property – Howard Cathey
 Janet Howell – Notary Services for the Community
 YMCA Grant – Shannon McLeod and Diane Hart-Dawson
Public Hearing – 8:30 am
 Walking Trail Easement Rebekah Park – Josh Marsh
 Chad Smith – Jail Pods
 Roger Fenley – Bids/Expenditures for new Highway Garage

Req for Use of Facilities – Decatur County Right to Life
Fire Door Maintenance and Testing – Won Door Corporation

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