Decatur County Community Schools Board of Education

The Decatur County Community Schools Board of Education met on Wednesday.

The board approved the appointments of: North Decatur: Krista Crabtree – 2nd Shift Part-Time Custodian, Ashley Sowders – SPED/Life Skills Teacher, Lauren Larson – Sub Nurse – Covering Medical Leave, February 20, 2023 – April 3, 2023, Stephanie Mankin – Instructional Assistant, and Jenelle Trenkamp – Homebound Instruction, South Decatur: Briana Imel – Lead Preschool Teacher and Richard McQuinley – Custodial Team Leader. The board approved the resignation of Lynn Bryan – SPED Instructional Assistant North Decatur. The board approved the retirement of Lori Bierhaus- Art Teacher North Decatur.

All field trips and conference attendances were approved. The board approved all student fundraisers. The board accepted donations totaling in $1,000 for South Decatur athletics.

The board approved for Mrs. Blair and Mrs. Porter to submit a DCCF grant for the elementary counselors.

Morgan Schofield


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