Decatur County Council

The Decatur County Council met on Tuesday.

The 2023 Salary Ordinance was approved.

Sheriff Meyerrose came to the board requesting additional funding for a Chief Deputy position. This would have a base pay of $53,000 with an additional rank pay of $10,000; with all benefits included the total would be $110,000. The board felt that they couldn’t in good conscience go this much over budget. The sheriffs department does have the budget to cover the base pay and the board approved the additional $10,000 in rank pay.

There was a discussion on the Allen Memorial Pool. They went before the county commissioners earlier this week where it was decided that the pool would be closed for 2023 to assess damages and decide a plan. There was a presentation given to the board going over information and figures they have been working on in regards to an aquatic center or pool renovation. They have looked at surrounding pools in the area and how they draw people into their communities. They have a concept of what they want based on the needs of the community and what draws people in. They have been looking further into funding avenues for the project, including the idea of a food and beverage tax that can be collected to fund quality of life projects.

Catch A Ride gave an annual update to the board. In 2022 they removed their social distancing and masking requirements. They updated their logo as well as went back to scheduling 30 days in advance and adding internal and external cameras to vehicles. In the past year they served 170 Decatur County residents with over 7,000 rides.

All transfers and additionals were approved.

Morgan Schofield


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