Decatur County has 3 Indiana House Districts

House District 67, the seat held by Randy Frye was not contested in yesterday’s primary election.

House District 55 had four candidates. Top vote getter was Lindsay Patterson with 2733 votes in the district – 210 in Decatur County. Curtis Ward had 138 votes in Decatur County with total votes 1648. David Welsh got 163 votes in Decatur County – 1501 in the district. John Moton received 92 Decatur County votes, 1225 in the district.

House District 73 had three candidates. Jennifer Meltzer was top in Decatur County and top in the district with 3389 overall votes, 1452 case in Decatur County. Bob Carmony had 615 votes in Decatur County – 1993 in the district. Edward Comstock, II had 589 votes in the district, 192 of which were in Decatur County.

Meltzer talks with Joshua Marsh and Emily Verseman during election coverage last night at the Decatur County Courthouse.

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