Decatur County Visitors Commission

The Decatur County Visitors Commission met on Thursday.

The board went around the room in their new platform opportunity where they each say something coming up or happening in the community. Kuyhlia Hulsbosch said that they are currently preparing for the busy season at High Point Events. Daniel Fayette mentioned that they are looking for an assistant coach for Jr. High soccer. Dominique Bancroft stated that they are finally getting back to normal at the hotel with COVID signage, as they were just able to take them all down again.

The goal is to break ground on Pirate Park in late summer/early fall of this year.

There was a marketing update given by Daniel Fayette. Their main priority now is the Bicentennial Celebration. In addition to the monthly newsletter, they will be adding an event master checklist on the website.

John Pratt gave a Bicentennial update. They officially launched on Tuesday with a piano concert by a Berkeley professor who graduated from Greensburg High School. On March 26 they will be showing the original film of the Hoosier Schoolmaster at Wolf Theaters. This will have live musical accompaniment as it is a silent film. They are currently working on formulating a 2 hour Underground Railroad tour. The first tour for this will be the first Saturday in June. June 11 will be the Bicentennial Parade and they are currently looking for anyone, business/group/family, who wants to do a a float.

Morgan Schofield


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