Decatur County Visitors Commission

The Decatur County Visitors Commission met on Thursday.

The board went around the room in their platform opportunity where they each say something coming up or happening in the community. Kuhylia Hulsbosch is the new head coach of the Pirateers and they are holding tryouts soon. Ryan Maddux’s daughter was in the Little Miss division of the Decatur County Bicentennial Pageant where for her spirit wear she chose to promote tourism.

Erica Gunn and Daniel Fayette gave a marketing update. Their annual report is being wrapped up and they continue to work on monthly newsletters. Their main focus is the bicentennial and there will soon be posters, flyers, and video projects completed.

John Pratt presented the project expense list for the bicentennial to the board. This included a list of all activities such as Shakespeare In the Park and the Memorial Day celebration and their prices. They currently have $111,000 in unrestricted resources available. There were some concerns about not having enough money put aside for unforeseen costs. There was also discussion on whether or not the parade would allow political floats. The board recommended that a board member and the Decatur County Community Foundation reviewed the expenses.

Morgan Schofield


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