Indiana General Assembly wraps up from State Senator Jean Leising

Passing a Balanced State Budget, Cutting Taxes

The Indiana General Assembly concluded Friday and Senate Republicans continued our commitment to strong fiscal discipline by passing a balanced two-year state budget for 2024-2025 and providing tax relief for Hoosiers

As your state senator, I want to do my part to make sure our tax system is working for Hoosiers. Though property tax rates are set at the local level, I supported a package that will provide a projected $109 million in property-tax relief for homeowners in the coming year. In addition, our budget provides a projected $117 million in income-tax cuts for Hoosiers in the next year.

Below are some highlights from the budget.

Improving Health Care
– $225 million for an optional local public health grant (SEA 4)
– $100 million for community mental health initiatives (SEA 1)

Funding K-12 Education
– $2.9 billion increase in state funding
– Eliminates textbook fees for families
– $1.5 billion increase in tuition support
– Increases number of families who can utilize school choice

Improving Public Safety
– $95.3 million to increase pay for state police, conservation and excise officers
– $10 million for Regional Mental Health Facility Grants

Supporting Hoosier Veterans
– $2 million in new funding for veteran suicide prevention
– $4 million for veterans career and relocation assistance

Cutting State Debt
– Eliminates $700 million in pension liabilities
– $1.8 billion paid up front for capital projects, avoiding future debt for taxpayers

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